College Scholarship Program

Our Vince Jacknewitz College Scholarship Program has now closed for 2021. Please check back again on this page in a few weeks to view the chosen recipients.

  • Jacob Backsman from Oakville Senior High School
    Attending: University of Missouri-Columbia

  • Chloe Cousin - Notre Dame High School
    Attending: Saint Louis University

  • Kaitlyn Thorton - Ladue Horton Watkins High School
    Attending: Washington University in St. Louis

  • Jaya Greene - Brentwood High School
    Attending: Tennessee State University

  • Ethan Kaufman - Oakville High School
    Attending: University of MO Kansas City

  • Zoe De Young - Parkway West High School
    Attending: Webster University

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About the Program:

The Vince Jacknewitz College Scholarship Program is one of several Together Foundation programs. Our foundation promotes collaboration and best practices, calling for projects that bring non-profit organizations together to provide quality financial education and easy access to banking opportunities for young people and families most in need of these opportunities