Long Term Care Insurance


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“Long Term Care assistance is needed when you lose your ability to do normal daily activities such as bathing, eating and dressing. It typically affects those as they’re progressively aging; however, individuals of any age may need long term care services due to an illness or accident as well. 

Regardless of one’s age, a long term care situation will truly change the family dynamics suddenly.

I’m part of a large family and when I was a teenager, my Grandmother came down with Alzheimer’s disease. Her 4 children couldn’t agree on the best way to take care of her and there was never a conversation to come up with a plan if Grandma needed long term care assistance.

For over 15 years, she lived and died in a nursing home which was emotionally and financially devastating for my family.

Because of the dramatic impact it had on all of us, my wife and I purchased Long Term Care Insurance after our 3 kids were born as I didn’t want what happened to my Mom’s family happen to mine. ”

- Harvey Brandvein, Vice President of Wealth Management



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“The turning point for me was when I recognized the wide age range of people living in the nursing home where I worked.

I thought nursing homes were only available to older individuals, and it was far from that. We had individuals in their 20’s who ended up there from life-threatening events, which left them dependent on long term care. 

You really never know what’s going to happen to you, but if something traumatic does happen, you could be placed in a home.

I thought to myself… ‘At any point in my life this could be me’, and I would have to be financially ready for it.”

- Demi Botonis, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant


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“It’s very important to plan for the future and to protect your assets.

Long Term Care Insurance provides the opportunity for our members to learn about the expectations as they and their families get older, and the need for health care significantly changes.

We want to make sure that we are there for them to provide the tools, programs and most importantly the education about being prepared and understanding what is likely to happen when we get older.

That is why we started this program.”

- Bob McKay, Chief Executive Officer


Knowing the Facts

Long erm Care Insurance by the facts!

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