Maximizing Your Rewards
For our Visa Signature & Platinum Points Cardholders

By making your Credit Union credit card your go-to payment method, you can help yourself get closer to what you're really looking for: rewards! Don't have a Credit Union rewards card yet? Apply online today!

We all understand the more you use your card, the more cash back or points you will earn, but here are some ideas for using your credit card if you feel you're not a big spender:

  • Streaming services (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc.)
  • Everyday errands (i.e. grocery shopping, car maintenance, doctor/vet visits, etc.)
  • Online retailers (i.e. Amazon, Target, Instacart, etc.)
  • Recurring bill payments (i.e. electric, gas, car, etc.)

You can also put your card information into the digital wallet on your phone for more convenient and contactless purchasing. For other options on digital payments, check out this blog post.

What can I get with my credit card points? Opened Entry Closed Entry

What can I get with my credit card points?
1 point = every dollar you spend. Redeem for tons of exciting rewards, including:




How do you redeem points? First, visit the Dreampoints website.

Let's use Travel as an example:

If you have login credentials, click Username to sign in. If you don’t have login credentials, click Register to sign up.


Enter your password to sign in. Don’t forget to  check “I’m not a robot”.


Select “Browse rewards” at the top for a dropdown box. Click “Travel” to proceed.


Select “Travel” on the side for more dropdown options. Click  “Online Reservations” to proceed.


Choose either “Flight” or “Hotel” and enter in your trip information. Once completed, the site will calculate your points and apply the discounts when you pay.

Follow these same steps for other rewards like gift cards, merchandise, and more!

You can save a step or two by signing into OnlineAccess and clicking on your credit card account, which will take you directly into Dreampoints.

Want to earn even more bonus points? Shop the Perks Points Mall Network to earn up to 5x bonus points or shop at More Points and enjoy incredible savings, plus earn 3x bonus points. Simply select My Perks on the Rewards! site menu bar for more information on bonus points and daily deals.