Visa Debit Card

You should have access to your entire account at all times... not just during banking hours. That's where your debit card comes in.

When attached to a checking or savings account, the Visa debit card:

  • Allows you to access your accounts at over 30,000 ATMs across the nation
  • You can earn cash back when shopping via Purchase Rewards
  • Provides you an opportunity to set up your digital wallet
  • Keeps your dreams protected with Card Controls - a service that helps you manage your debit card by setting up alerts and transaction limitations. 

To receive your Visa debit card, request an in-person or phone appointment today.

No annual or monthly fees. A nominal fee may be charged per transaction when you use it at a non-CO-OP network ATM. (ATM owner-imposed surcharges may apply.) Current fee schedule »