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Together Foundation* serves residents in the St. Louis Metropolitan area by providing grants and expertise for financial empowerment programs. The Foundation supports St. Louisans of all ages to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The Foundation promotes collaboration and best practices, calling for projects that bring non-profit organizations together to provide quality financial education and easy access to banking opportunities for young people and families most in need of these opportunities.

Working with experienced non-profit organizations in high-need geographic areas, the Foundation hopes to leverage its funding for maximum impact by joining forces with funding partners to support quality projects in our surrounding communities. Results will be shared with the community to contribute to greater understanding of challenges and solutions in the field.

The Foundation focuses on four areas to help young people and their parents build financial knowledge and an asset base for financial independence and success.

Young Children and Parents
We use age-appropriate materials that are educational and fun to introduce children ages four to eight to very basic financial concepts that have relevance in their lives. Parent involvement is a key component of this focus area as we help parents develop the habit of open communication with their children about money, savings and family finances.

Middle School Youth
We aim to give sixth through eighth graders the financial knowledge they need to be smart financial consumers before they earn their first paycheck. Hands-on opportunities such as opening a savings account and working on entrepreneurial projects is part of this focus area.

First Job and First Financial Relationship
We provide youth with financial education and banking services as they enter the workforce for the first time. Real-life budgeting and saving as well as an entrepreneurial curriculum builds on the services offered during middle school.

Young Adult Transitions
This focus area addresses the critical period when young people begin their journey to independence by entering school, military service or the workforce. With special attention to school loans, credit health and savings, we use social media and mobile banking innovations to reach young adults in an accessible, relatable way.