Working Together: A Message from our CEO

Together Credit Union – your credit union – is a member-owned cooperative. Our 130,000+ member owners together are comprised of diverse gender, ethnicity, race, and creed. Each is an equal owner no matter what balances they hold or products/services they use.

Your Credit Union exists simply to fulfill our mission: providing experiences that empower our members to live their best lives.  This is each, and every, member.  

Our four core values drive everything we do: Value Diversity, Act with Integrity, Serve with Excellence, and Take Ownership. You will see that “Value Diversity” is first. As a Credit Union, our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplace, in our member family, and in our community is unwavering. It begins with the fundamentals: respecting each other and embracing differences.  

Our team works diligently at uniting our voices, increasing conversation and taking steps to elevate diversity, inclusion and equity.  We know this takes more than one conversation or one training session. 

In 2018, a Diversity and Inclusion Council formed, championed by dedicated members of staff, management and the board of directors. The Council acts to incorporate diversity and inclusion into our corporate strategy and decision-making as well as to engage development opportunities that provide personal and professional growth for all staff. The Council also works to discover opportunities for our team to work as ambassadors in the communities we serve.  

This alone is not enough. Working together, we will build stronger connections, a stronger credit union and a stronger community.  We know a better world can and must come. Change often begins with grassroots. Rest assured, your Credit Union is devoted to change.  

Bob McKay