We're here with you on this. If you need a little extra during this time, you may be able to skip your next loan payment*. Qualified loans for skip-a-pay are:


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You can also download this form and return it to your local branch or mail it to 423 Lynch Street, St. Louis, MO 63118 (Attn: Consumer Loan Servicing)

Already skipped a payment but needing further assistance? Please contact our Collections Department at 1-855-680-8864.


*If your loan is paid electronically or through payroll deduction, the money normally applied to your loan will be deposited into your specified savings or checking account. When processed, the due date will immediately advance. Qualifying loan may not be delinquent. Interest will accrue on all loans affected by the program, which may cause maturity date to be extended. Loans with pending insurance claim do not qualify. If Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is purchased for your collateral, this payment modification changes the original loan terms and could result in an increase of the net unpaid balance owed if a claim is filed; member remains fully liable for any portion of the unpaid balance. Skip-a-Payment fee waiver and extended time period for payment deferral are available as of 3/20/2020; availability subject to change without notice.