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Field of Membership

Together Credit Union serves the employees and retirees of Anheuser-Busch Companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries and distributors of Anheuser-Busch products, as well as contract employees reporting to Anheuser-Busch employees. The Credit Union also serves the family of its members including the spouse, children, stepchildren, sons and daughters-in-law, parents, parents-in-law, brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren, plus aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. The Credit Union also serves the household members of its members including those living in the same residence, maintaining a single economic unit. Only individuals within this described field of membership are eligible to join the Credit Union and take advantage of its offerings. The information and content on this website is intended for the benefit of existing members and prospective members of the Credit Union, and is not directed to the general public. Moreover, various website functions will work only for current members with login credentials.

Accessibility: We Value Digital Inclusion

In an effort to provide a fully accessible and optimized experience for all site visitors, Together Credit Union has taken careful measure to ensure an excellent user experience, regardless of the assistive technology being used to access this site or the specific abilities of those individuals seeking access to this site. 

Accessibility checks have been incorporated into our publishing workflow for new website content. In addition, the Togther Credit Union website is monitored and tested regularly by internal resources and by AudioEye, a third-party provider of Web Accessibility testing and monitoring. As issues of accessibility are identified, results of automated and manual testing are managed through the AudioEye® Digital Accessibility Platform. As new solutions are discovered to improve the user experience, remediation is tracked through the AudioEye system and fixes are implemented to improve the website user experience.

The AudioEye Certification seal represents a commitment to accessibility and digital inclusion. The AudioEye certification process involves automatic and manual testing with the goal of conforming with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA Success Criteria.

AudioEye certifies the Together Credit Union website has been designed and optimized to substantially conform with WCAG 2.0 Level AA Success Criteria. 

AudioEye Trusted

Last updated September 2018

This website is regularly tested using a variety of assistive technologies. The following web browser/screen reader combinations are recommended for an optimized experience:

For Windows users: JAWS and Internet Explorer or NVDA and Firefox
For Mac users: VoiceOver and Safari or VoiceOver and Chrome
For mobile users: VoiceOver for the iPhone and TalkBack for Android devices

Improving the User Experience for Users of Assistive Technologies

Web Accessibility Guidelines

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act does not reference websites or expressly apply to websites by its terms, Together Credit Union is committed to ensuring that its valued members and potential members with disabilities can readily access our offerings, both in our physical locations and on our website. For that reason, we have voluntarily undertaken efforts to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (known as “WCAG 2.0”) to ensure web content available from this site is more accessible for individuals with disabilities and user friendly for everyone.

These globally recognized best practices (as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium) consist of three levels of accessibility measurement (A, AA, and AAA). To the greatest extent feasible, Together Credit Union has elected to conform to Level AA of these practices.

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Dedicated web accessibility experts are available to assist site visitors with issues accessing content and the various services and functions available across the Together Credit Union website. Site visitors may choose to engage with the Help Desk to report and troubleshoot web accessibility related issues.

If you encounter issues with any page on the Credit Union site that presents a challenge, please submit your feedback.

Providing Users with a Free Customizable Assistive Utility

Ally Toolbar

In addition to the above-mentioned techniques and strategies – the Credit Union provides free Web Enhancement Tools that allow site visitors to customize their user experience. 

Experience the Ally Toolbar 

To experience the AudioEye Ally Toolbar, activate the Ally Toolbar button in the bottom right hand corner.

Customize your experience with AudioEye Tools

The Ally Toolbar provides Tools Tailored to Needs

Learn more about the ways in which the Ally Toolbar allows site visitors with diverse abilities to customize their user experience:
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The following tools may be available in the Ally Toolbar:

Player: Listen to the content of a web page read aloud


Reader: Customize the visual display of the website


Voice (If Applicable): Command the browser using your voice


Site Menu: Navigate simplified menus using your keyboard or mouse


Page Elements Menu: Access page elements and regions with simple keystrokes


AudioEye Help Desk: Report accessibility related issues

Third-Party Sites

Certain pages on our website may contain links to third-party sites that we do not control; these sites may not comply with WCAG-2.0 AA standards. You will receive a notification on our website when you are being redirected to a third-party site. In order to maximize accessibility for our disabled members and prospective members, we are working with our vendors to encourage them to voluntarily comply with the WCAG-2.0 AA standards.

Adobe Acrobat Reader or other third-party software is required to view and print PDF documents that appear on this website. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, visit the Adobe website: To read PDF documents with a screen reader, please refer to the Access Adobe website, located at, which provides useful tools and resources.

Our efforts to improve accessibility are ongoing. If you are an individual with disabilities who encounters accessibility issues with our website, please contact us at 800-325-9905 or via email at so we can assist you. Promptly reporting any accessibility issues you encounter enables us to investigate those issues to further facilitate access going forward. We thank you for your assistance in enhancing the accessibility of our website, and we look forward to serving you.