Mobile Deposit

Imagine needing to deposit an important check during the week, or having too many chores to do and not having time to drive to your nearest Credit Union. Experience the convenience of Mobile Deposit. 

With Mobile Deposit, you can deposit a check, anywhere, anytime, without having to visit an actual branch or ATM. You can deposit checks using the MobileAccess+ app on your mobile device or online with OnlineAccess.*


Here's how! Before using Mobile Deposit, be sure to properly endorse your check by including:

  • Your Signature
  • Writing "for mobile deposit only" 
  • Your Account Number

EXAMPLE: eDeposit Example


Once this is completed, you: 

  • Sign into your account with your MobileAccess+ app or online with OnlineAccess.
  • Select your deposit account.
  • Enter the amount on the check.
  • Take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device or scan the front and back of your check via your computer's scanner, and submit!


It's that quick, easy and secure! It's like having a Credit Union branch with you wherever you are!


Don't have the MobileAccess+ app? Download it to your mobile device today!

iTunes App Button . google play


*Certain account requirements apply; individual check amounts are unlimited via eDeposit. Mobile carrier text and data rates may apply.