Business Member Spotlight

Taylor Packaging

Managing and maintaining any business is tough enough, but doing it with a bank? Ugh! Sara Taylor Hardy, the whip-smart, energetic CEO of Taylor Packaging, a company located just south of St. Louis in Imperial, Missouri gave us a few hours of her time, walking us through the warehouse and into a fascinating world of design and packaging while sharing her unique perspective on why she dumped her bank in favor of the Credit Union.

"Taylor Packaging was founded 1980 by my parents, Glen and Ginger Taylor, who saw a need in the industry for custom packaging. They applied and were granted a small business loan with the SBA. With that, they rented some warehouse space and bought one small thermoformer.  With just one employee, one machine, and a big dream, they launched a custom packaging company that now employs 40 workers, 9 production lines and a complete design/engineering team.  We produce a multitude of custom packaging including:  clamshells, blisters, mock clams and tri-fold clamshells.  Our top clients include the 3M Company and Duck Commander (featured in the show Duck Dynasty). From design to finished product, we do it all, including direct shipping to distribution centers.

The Credit Union lets us run our business without all the nonsense.  They coached us through a refinance, extended our line of credit and helped orchestrate the best practices to finance our business.  They do what they say.  We would rather be a bigger fish in the small credit union world than one of thousands of small fish in the big banking world.  They do not expect too much and are always available when we need direction.  Best financial institution we have ever dealt with!"

For an even deeper look inside Taylor Packaging, check out our video!