Direct Deposit

What matters to you matters to us. We understand the inconvenience of depositing checks from your work every week or two. That's why we offer direct deposit for our members.

What is direct deposit?
Once set up, it makes your paycheck capable of automatically depositing into your credit union account on the day you are paid rather than visiting a branch with a physical check. 

In addition to participating employers, we also will accept direct deposits for your Social Security benefits, pension checks, and recurring government checks.

Here's what you'll need to provide your employer:

  • Your complete 9-digit credit union account number (where do I find my complete account number?)
  • The credit union ABA routing/transit number ------> 281082915
  • The credit union street address ------> 423 Lynch Street, St. Louis, MO 63118

Where do I find my 9-digit credit union account number?

Option 1: A personal check

View your 9-digit account number on your check.

Option 2: Inside OnlineAccess

- Click on the account you would like your deposit to go into.

Click on the account you would like your deposit to go into.


- Click "Account Details"

click additional details


- Your number is located in the "MICR" row.

your number is located in the micr row

We're always here to help. For questions, you can contact 800-325-9905 or email