Employee Testimonials

While members are the reason for our success, our employees are dedicated to growing that success every day. Our employees strive to provide remarkable service by working as a team, embracing change and doing the right thing. Check out what some of these employees are saying about working at the Credit Union.


Sherri - Branch Manager in Merrimack, NH

“I have been employed with the Credit Union for over 29 years.  Serving with excellence is what I like most about my job. Turning a negative experience into a positive one, making our member’s dreams and goals a reality is what I enjoy most.  It’s just so exciting giving someone their first loan! I value diversity and enjoy working with all types of people; it keeps my job exciting. Acting with integrity, getting to know others and forming a trustworthy bond is what makes this Credit Union a trusted financial partner.”


Amy - Member Relationship Specialist

“I have been employed with the Credit Union for two years. I was looking for a career where I could truly make a difference in someone’s life or in the community. I struck gold when I was offered the opportunity to work for the Credit Union because I can do both.

The Credit Union’s values reflect those of my own: providing positive experiences for each member, trying to find a “yes” for each member and wanting to do more for each the member and community. I am excited to volunteer around the community, engage in different groups and committees around the credit union and build relationships with as many people as I can.”


Jasper - Branch Manager in St. Louis Hills

"I have been with the Credit Union for over 3 years now – it’s been awesome! I enjoy every minute of working with staff and our members. The Credit Union provides a collaborative and family oriented environment, making it even more enjoyable to perform my job.

In addition, our policies, procedures and best practices support and complements my passion for helping people. What separates this Credit Union from other financial institutions are our actions and commitment to helping members, staff and communities achieve their financial goals. My favorite part of coming to work is knowing that I will be presented with an opportunity to help someone and make a positive impact in their life.”


Melissa - Mortgage Loan Officer

“I have been here 12 years and still look forward to coming to work every day! I have worked at another large credit union in the past and our culture is just different than anywhere else I have worked. This Credit Union really cares about its employees from giving us great benefits, competitive pay and caring about our work/life balance.

My favorite part is helping people purchase homes. I know that we offer the best products and services for people buying homes. I would never sell anything that I don’t personally believe in, that is why I sell Credit Union home loans, there is no better way to obtain homeownership!”


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