CU Culture

Bob McKay, CEO, visiting a local branch and fellow co-workersWe're more than coworkers - we're together. We display our values amongst one another and create a fun working environment that encourages diversity, honesty, teamwork and career advancement.



Providing ExperiencesA photo of one employee Brenda hugging another Jean.


Co-workers becoming friends forever. Brenda embraces her coworker/friend Jean. 






Employees eating lunch together during an event.



Departments don't mean barriers at Together Credit Union. The entire company comes as one to create a great experience. Larry Skube, VP and Controller, sitting with the Marketing department at lunch to see how their day is going.




Bria won St. Louis Cardinal tickets!




We're rewarded for our hard work. Bria is excited to have randomly won St. Louis Cardinals tickets.





Valuing One Another

Chief Lending Officer, Doc, grilling for the employees



Our executive team pays it forward. Chief Lending Officer, Michael "Doc" Dougherty is sweating away on a hot summer day making sure we get a delicious lunch as a sign of appreciation.




Josh and Pam on Valentine's Day



We show the love especially on Valentine's Day! This year, our LifePlan Financial Advisor, Josh Packman, visited the St. Louis branches to drop off some roses for employees, including Pam here.





Tracy wraps Christmas presents for fellow employees.



We step up during the busiest times of the year. Tracy helping us wrap our family's presents during the holiday season.






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