GreenPath Financial Wellness
Your Path to a Healthy Financial Future Begins Here

We want to see you succeed in all you do. In order to get you there, we offer the GreenPath Financial Wellness resource.

Take advantage of GreenPath's Learning Lab+ for all things financial. Select from well researched courses and tools to help you live a healthy financial future.

What is GreenPath?

What does GreenPath offer?

  • Free Financial Counseling
    • A simple call to review all options and personalize an effective plan.
  • Debt Management Plan
    • Recommended for credit card debt, members will set up a repayment plan to stop collection calls, reduce interest, eliminate fees, and pay off principal balance faster.
  • Credit Report Review
    • A plan to help dispute inaccurate information and manage/know more about your credit score.
  • Housing Services
    • Recommended for late rent or mortgage payments, experts will help determine which option is best to get members back on track.
  • Student Loan Debt Counseling
    • Discuss different options on what is the best way to pay off student loan debt.
  • Helpful resources
    • Access complimentary eCourses, videos, webinars, and calculators on their website.
    • An example of a great resource for those wanting to open a checking account would be CheckRight
    • The key to financial freedom is financial education. Take advantage of the courses and resources offered through the Learning Lab+ program.