GreenPath Financial Wellness
Your Path to a Healthy Financial Future Begins Here

We want to see you succeed in all you do. In order to get you there, we offer the GreenPath Financial Wellness resource.

GreenPath offers:

  • Free Financial Counseling
    • A simple call to review all options and personalize an effective plan.
  • Debt Management Plan
    • Recommended for credit card debt, members will set up a repayment plan to stop collection calls, reduce interest, eliminate fees, and pay off principal balance faster.
  • Credit Report Review
    • A plan to help dispute inaccurate information and manage/know more about your credit score.
  • Housing Services
    • Recommended for late rent or mortgage payments, experts will help determine which option is best to get members back on track.
  • Student Loan Debt Counseling
    • Discuss different options on what is the best way to pay off student loan debt.
  • Helpful resources
    • Access complimentary eCourses, videos, webinars, and calculators on their website.
    • An example of a great resource for those wanting to open a checking account would be CheckRight