Safeguard Your Identity

Your Credit Union has extensive safeguards in place to ensure the security of your personal and financial information. Yet there are several steps you can follow to help protect yourself:

  • Protect your account and card numbers, personal identification numbers and passwords. Memorize, if possible. The less you have on paper, the less likely it is that someone will learn this information.
  • Guard your social security number. Don't put it on your checks and don't carry your card in your wallet. And, if you have the option, don't use your social security number for your driver's license number.
  • Don't give our personal information without knowing with whom you're dealing. If you must reveal personal information, find out how it will be used and whether you can control how it is shared.
  • Remove mail promptly from your mailbox. Never use your mailbox for outgoing mail. Identity thieves raid mailboxes to steal credit card offers and financial statements.
  • Destroy preapproved credit card offers before you throw them out. A home shredder is the best thing to use on financial statements, receipts and old cancelled checks that you are discarding.
  • Pay attention to billing cycles. If your bills don't arrive on time, contact creditors immediately to make certain your account is secure.
  • Keep your contact information current at the Credit Union and other financial institutions. It is important each has current information on how to reach you.
  • Review your credit report often. You may obtain a free copy of your credit report annually by visiting the site.


The Credit Union offers an inexpensive solution to prevent fraud - IDSafeChoice

For just $1.75 per month, IDSafeChoice will provide you:

  • A personal Recovery Advocate
  • Comprehensive research and Recovery Plan
  • Forms completion, filing and follow-up
  • Advocate will contact all agencies, institutions, etc.
  • No time limit – complete restoration
  • Post-recovery follow-up for one full year

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