Changes to Online and Mobile Banking

Access to the following opt-in/opt-out forms is currently suspended. Please contact your local branch representative or our Contact Center at 800-325-9905 to update your preferences.

  • Debit Card Courtesy Pay
  • Consent to Contact by Phone

Changes in how data details are displaying:

  • Direct/Payroll Deposit
    Direct deposit will now disburse funds to your other intended accounts right away, rather than appearing in your primary account first and then disbursing.

    (Previously on our “old” system, the total amount of a direct deposit would post to an account and, in turn, allocations would then transfer to other account suffixes such as loans, checking and savings)
  • “Cross Account Access” Accounts Displaying Joint Owners: 
    If you have multiple accounts set up with “cross account access” to transfer to/from, you will see the primary account owner displaying as a “joint owner”. For example: Joe Member is primary owner on account 123456 and account 567890. When Joe Member logs in to OnlineAccess using credentials for account 123456, the description under account 567890 will display: Joint owner Joe Member *7890
  • Account Suffixes: 
    Single digit savings account and loan suffixes are not displaying leading zeros. For example, your savings account may appear as XXXXXX-0 instead of XXXXXX-00.

  • Loan Amount Due: 
    If you have a closed-end loan (such as an auto loan) and have paid more than your scheduled loan payment by rounding up your payments or making extra payments, the amount due displayed is the amount necessary to keep your loan current and advance its due date. This amount may not be your regular payment amount. If you wish to pay your “regular payment amount”, please enter that amount into the payment field. 

    If you are past-due on your loan payment(s), the amount due displayed is the total of the past due principal displayed in the loan’s “Account Details” PLUS your regular payment amount. 

    Please note: If you make your loan payments online, in Move Money, the payment amount IS NOT prefilling the payment field, however the amount due appears to the right of the field. As noted, this may/may not be the regular payment amount. In Pay Your CU Loan, the amount due IS prefilling in the payment field. As noted, this may/may not be the regular payment amount.

Minor Changes to Account Access by Phone:

  • For Money Market account holders only:
    Money market accounts have recently been moved to under the checking accounts option (before, money market accounts were found under the saving accounts option)


Mortgage Payment Posting:

  • Typically, mortgage payments take up to two business days to post. Your payment will not display online until they officially post. Rest assured, your payment date is accurate to the date your payment was made. Therefore, if you made a payment before the intended due date, it will not be seen as late.

Minimum credit card payments in OnlineAccess vs statement:

  • For Together CU credit card users:
    You may start to see a slight difference in minimum payment amounts as they appear in OnlineAccess and your actual statement. In OnlineAccess, you may see a rounded dollar amount. For example, if the minimum payment amount on your statement is $101.09, then it may show as $102 via OnlineAccess. The minimum payment in OnlineAccess is current one to reference.