Victims of identity theft can experience problems with credit, finances, personal assets and even employment. Getting everything back in order can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. IDSafeChoice can help.

Your credit union offers IDSafeChoice - a professional identity theft restoration service to manage your recovery should you become victim to identity theft. IDSafeChoice includes:

  • A personal Recovery Advocate
  • Comprehensive research and Recovery Plan
  • Forms completion, filing and follow-up
  • Advocate will contact all agencies, institutions, etc.
  • No time limit – complete restoration
  • Post-recovery follow-up for one full year

IDSafeChoice protects you as well as all your family members in your household for just $1.75/month. You will have peace of mind with this beneficial system available to all account holders. Click here to print an enrollment form, contact your local branch, or call our Member Contact Center at 877-325-2848.